Digital solutions

Content creation

We help you achieve your goal of captivating the attention of your target audience by creating high-quality photography, video production, stop motion, motion graphics, animation, banners, etc.

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Website development

Our website development services include two categories: firstly, we offer to program your website exclusively from A to Z. if Not, We can utilize ready-made CMS such as WordPress, Shopify, etc. In both cases, the website delivery time would be fast.

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App development

We offer two types of App development, such as Web Applications and dedicated applications for Android, IOS, and Windows. Our post-development services also include publishing them on popular App Stores.

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3D design

Share with us enough information about the dimension and types of materials to get some suggested designs from us. For our modeling ends, we use 3ds max, SketchUp, 3D-Shaper, etc. For rendering, we use Corona and V-Ray rendering engines.

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Brand Identity

We base our brand identity design services on the needs, values, and goals surrounding your business and brand.

Every Brand identity includes a logo, organizational color, slogan, icons, advertising elements, uniform, office papers, brand guidelines, and printing dos and don'ts.

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Logo Design

We can design your brand logo in three ways based on your needs:


  • creativity and ideation with brand name letters;
  • without symbol design.

Logo Pictogram:

  • Icon design;
  • relevant to the brand personality;
  • without brand names.

Combined logo:

  • Exclusive logo design combined with the brand name.

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UI Design

A user interface (UI) is necessary for the best User Experience (UX).

UI consists of two parts: visual design and interaction design with people. With our many UI design ideas, we can design your platform UI according to your brand identity and target audience.

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Offset printing

Offset printing is a type of commercial printing that can print in high volumes. Our offset printing includes after-sales service, such as coating, embossing, special cutting, hot foil, etc.

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POS materials

An effective point-of-sale material (POS) makes the audience pay special attention to your product. Using this solution will increase your sales. We can design and produce all kinds of large and small point-of-sale items.

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Vehicle Branding

vehicle graphics are the best way to increase brand awareness and attract new customers. In No.1, we can design and execute personalized vehicle graphics for any range, from small decals to full vehicle wraps.

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The No. 1 agency has an exclusive workshop for constructing these materials. So we can produce all types of signage, such as directional signages, 3d letters, entrance signages, and shop signs.

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About N0.1

Every brand ought to drive performance-marketing goals, such as leads and sales; therefore, they require brand awareness and communication with the world. We are an advertising agency in Dubai that started our services under the brand name Golbangrang, and after adding digital services, we changed our name to No.1.

No.1 has been established to serve brands to reach their goal. Therefore, we currently work in digital solutions, production, and design. We concentrate our services specifically for our clients in the Emirates and Dubai. We always offer our services to our customers at an optimal price. Being flexible, creative, and data-oriented is essential for us.

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