Beauty Saloon

Brand requirement: 

The Lada Beauty Saloon required an interior design tailored to the proprietor's preferences, preferences, and desires.


Due to the eastern audience's visual and internal familiarity with the curved arches, the arches used in the interior decorating of the entry arches evoke a feeling of elegance, tenderness, and comfort, fostering the artistic prowess of the locals.

The use of louver forms that match the primary structure of the space produces harmony and balance in the main salon of hair salon's interior architecture, and the extension of the wall's lines to the floor multiplies this harmony and avoids eye fatigue of the staff during long hours of labor.

The interior design of the nail planting space in the second slide, which has conventional seats, conforms to the area's overall contour. When generating ideas and presenting work, the themes incorporated in the surroundings stimulate and inspire the employer's creativity.

In accordance with the client's requirement, a standard hair-washing area has been designed. Through the application of the science of interior design, the hues and ornamentation of this room have taken on an oriental air.

According to the employer's request, the interior design and decorating of additional rooms include a waiting area, payment and accounting room, massage room, hair removal room, and color room.

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