Amod Engineering and Architecture Office

Brand requirement: 

The client required interior design services for his 1,200 square meter property.


This property is split into portions, of which 500 square meters are constructed, and the remainder are green space, gardens, parking, and a pool.

Spaces required by the employer: 5 rooms, open swimming pool, work room, coffee shop and bar, play area, TV room, dining hall, terrace and landscaping, parking, gym and...

In the interior architecture of the villa, according to the texture of the area, and the weather conditions, the design of the villa has been done in the modern style desired by the client.

The interior design and decoration of the villa on the ground floor include a kitchen, dining area, TV wall, study area, piano, and furniture.


The interior design and decoration of the villa on the first floor are planned for party space, games, and more for gatherings and entertainment.

In the design of the villa, the use of natural light and a good view of the area's green space has been given much attention.

A terrace with a suitable space is provided in the design of the villa for relaxing and sometimes having a snack.

The interior design and decoration of the villa, especially the choice of colors, materials, and accessories, has been formed according to the wishes and opinions of the client.


The area, swimming pool, and green spaces have been placed in a modern pattern to meet all the needs of people, including restrooms, changing rooms, showers, etc., and an attempt has been made to minimize damage to local trees and plants in the design of the villa.


For the living space during the cold seasons on the 1st floor, a closed layout is planned next to the gym and sports club with an area of 100 meters, and in the design of the villa in this section, all the needs of the individual, including storage, toilet, bathroom, etc. will be.

The glass barrier is used to provide visual peace and enough illumination, as well as to promote the transparency and dignity of the staff towards one another.

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