Mehraz café design

Brand requirement:

Our customer was Mehraz cafe, and they sought our assistance in designing the decor of their establishment's interior.


The interior design of the café decorating and structure is produced using a crisp geometric pattern that helps to visualize and create a bold atmosphere.

In the interior design and décor of the café, the triangle design pattern as a proportionate structure with delicate and sharp angles is in stark contrast with its setting.

The interior design and décor of the café are based on the essential cognitive concepts of interior architecture modeled like the final piece of rock that existed a long time ago.

Light reflection into the area owing to the usage of triangular window frames and establishing a combination between the window frame and the floor generates a triangle pattern.

Attention to the intricacies of lighting and movement in the interior design and décor has converted the triangle from a chilly and mild area to an appealing and minimalist setting that is warm despite its sharpness. In the interior design and decorating of coffee shops and restaurants, you should always pay particular attention to the movement of customers and employees and arrange the movement and placement of tables and accessories.

One of the most significant and most appealing sections of any café is naturally the portion of communal tables for board games, board games, and birthday celebrations.

The most significant and sensitive section of any coffee shop and restaurant might be dubbed the bar and kitchen space, which is truly the beating heart of every cafe and restaurant.

The location of the sink and dishwasher, the location of the garbage collection, the location of the plates and glasses, and the coffee and snacks, the way the personnel moves inside the kitchen and bar, the location of the tools needed by the cook, barista, and bartender and all such important issues, all in the interior design and decoration of the coffee shop. It is verified multiple times before the final design and execution and then presented.

In the interior design and decorating of the café, the placement of furniture, plants, and accessories, and lighting are arranged in a thoroughly specialized style and suited for each area.

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