Brand identity

With your brand identity, your customers identify and determine your brand with your colours, design and logo. You can leave your brand identity design projects to the No.1.

Although some people think creating a logo and a visual identity is all they need to do to make their brand identity for their businesses in Dubai. But brand identity is not only about visual indicators.
Branding has two central bases. First, you can define your brand independently.
Secondly, you will be able to find your position compared to other competitors. Brand identity is something that differentiates your brand from other brands. Of course, brand identity is not defined only in competition with others but also as an independent issue.
Kapferer, one of the experts in the field of branding, said: Brands have an identity like humans. For example, imagine you are alone on an island, but you can still tell you have an identity. So brands, regardless of competitors, must have a clear identity to stay in the target audience’s minds.
For this reason, with millions of businesses worldwide, building a brand that can differentiate you from your competitors is essential. Therefore, one of the most important things you need to do is create a strong brand identity.

What Is Brand Identity?

Brand identity includes brand values, tone of voice, and the brand’s connection with its audience. To put it differently, brand identity is the emotion you want to initiate in people when interacting with your brand.

The brand identity is the same as the business personality. In the same way, it means a promise that the brand tries to fulfill to increase the loyalty of its customers.

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What Is Brand Identity?

Brand identity represents all aspects of your brand. Find out the effects of brand identity on your business in the following cases:

Improving The Business's Image In Dubai

 An essential factor for brand identity design is logo design. A brand’s logo can represent many of a brand's goals, objectives, and personality.

Positive Impact On Marketing In The Emirates

Brand identity also affects marketing and advertising in different countries such as the Emirates. In that case, any marketing activity should reflect your brand identity. Brand identity lends credibility to your brand by presenting the best possible image of it. Furthermore, it increases the positive effect of marketing on your target audience.

Attracting New Customers and Making Your Old Customers Loyal

By designing a brand identity and other activities to create strong branding, you can gain the trust of your target audience. So your brand can attract people who interact with your products and services. However, these people will become loyal customers only if they can feel a sense of belonging to the brand identity.

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Processes of Designing Brand Identity

  1. Researching The brand’s audience, value proposition, and competition.
  2. Designing the brand’s logo, template, and guides.
  3. Determining and integrating the brand’s language of communication with the audience, advertising, and media.
  4. Determining the brand’s redlines and what to avoid.
  5. Monitoring brand and customer behavior for improving brand identity.

Create a Brand Identity to Make Your Brand Memorable In The Emirates

Finally, if you want your brand to stay in the audience’s mind, you must have an independent and powerful identity. Therefore, to create a brand identity, you need to determine the dos and don’ts of the brand, color palette, images, and specific language. Hence, a strong brand identity helps your audience quickly remember your brand based on brand elements such as seeing your logo.

What is your goal, and what are your products and services?


Absolutely yes. At No.1, except for our clients in Dubai, we are ready to work with our potential clients remotely. We are always available through all communication channels, especially Whatsapp and Email. Furthermore, we will be in touch at every step of this process until we present you with a memorable and satisfying logo.

Yes. In No.1, we can do all printing services for your branding in high or low volume with the best quality. From printing your business card to branding your vehicles, you can count on us for everything. For more information, click on offset printing.

At No.1, we do the following steps to design your brand identity:

  • Creation of a brief: After registering your request, we will receive complete information about your brand, products, and services in a form.
  • Research and analysis: it is one of the essential phases in any project. In this phase, we search about the activities of your competitors, measure their success rate, and analyze your favorite portfolios so that we can draw inspiration from them.
  • Implementation of the initial plan: We will design the initial ideas after the complete research.
  • Presenting designs to the client: We present the initial versions we designed for you so that you can tell the changes you want and choose your favorite design.
  • Delivery: After the changes, we deliver the final version to you regarding dos and don’ts, visual elements, color palettes, fonts, tone of voice, and how to communicate with your audience.

We, as the No.1 Agency offer you the following values:

  • Creative design;
  • Optimal price;
  • Complete analysis of your customers and your industry;
  • Analyze your competitors;