POS Materials

POSMs are advertising materials that convey product information to the customers at the point of sale. It is an effective way for brands to grab the customers’ attention. No.1 can design and produce different POS materials for your business.

Point Of Sale Marketing in Dubai

Every day in every store, there is a cold-war happening between brands for the attention of shoppers. Point-of-sale marketing is the weapon of this war for brands and retailers to engage shoppers by promoting themselves. They are merchandising and promotional actions in the register, online cart, and checkout pages.

Why Are Point of Sale Materials Important For Brands In The Emirates?

Firstly, they attract the customers' attention:

In every store, customers have dozens of options for each product. Therefore brands need to grab their attention at the point of sale.

Emphasizing Promotions:

POSMs are ideal for highlighting in-store promotions and
discounts. If not, people might not notice them.

Distinguishing the brand from competitors:

POSM allows brands to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Increasing sales:

With POSM attracting the customers’ attention, they would be curious about a brand’s product and promotions and increase the chance of buying that brand’s product.

With the POSM campaign, Coca-Cola Zero saw a sales increase of 13%

What Does Point Of Sale Marketing Mean?

POSM is an acronym for Point of Sale Marketing or Point Of Sale Materials. It refers to all marketing materials used precisely at the point customers execute their shopping. This job is done by displaying and promoting products on the shelf of brick-and-mortar stores. There are different types of POSM, such as poster and sign holders, display stands, and even digital POSM. These materials and installations showcase the products or services to grab the customers’ attention.
Display stands and signages are some of the best materials for point-of-sale marketing. For example, when customers are waiting in a queue, a digital screen displaying various products is an ideal way to keep them entertained. Or, with shelf displays, brands can influence customers to grab their products.

POSM is used in more than brick-and-mortar or grocery stores. Brands in retail showrooms, exhibitions, and trade events also can benefit from POSM techniques.

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POSM vs. POS display vs. POP Display

POP is the Point of purchase display, and POS stands for point of sale display. The difference is that POP refers to where people can purchase products, such as grocery stores, convenience stores, and brick-and-mortar shops. POS is where the actual sale process happens, like the cashiers. These two kinds of displays are different locations in stores that are parts of the POSM family, and in both, product promotions take place to attract the customers’ attention.

8 out of 10 marketers say POS is the best to
influence shopper purchasing decisions

We at the No.1 advertising agency are proud to provide you with our POSM services in the Emirates and Mena. Depending on what you want to sell, the budget of your campaign, and other criteria, we can help you to implement different kinds of POSM campaigns.
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  • Standee:

They are a large self-standing point of sale advertising material produced in a life-size cut-out form used for promoting a product, mainly made of foam boards.

  • Shelf Strip:

The primary purpose of these point-of-sales materials is to catch customers’ overall attention on their shopping journey in the store and boost sales.

Brands mostly use shelf strips to promote their new products, announce a special offer or promotion, and stand out from similar peers.

  • Shelf Talker:

By designing creative shelf talkers, brands can draw customers’ attention toward their product

  • Wobbler:

Wobblers are made of plastic or similar materials. Brands can design and customize them according to their graphic preferences.

  • Many factors determine the price of a POSM campaign. Here are a few:

    1. What types of POSM do you want to design and produce?
    2. How Many stores do you want to distribute your POSM?
    3. What kind of Materials do you prefer for your POSM campaign?
    4. Do you have ready-made artwork, or do we need to design from scratch?
    5. How big are your POSMs? The more material used, the more expensive the project will be.
  • The No.1 production and design team will develop a plan to deliver products according to your needs. They will constantly monitor and confirm the quality of the project through the designing and production process and allocate the best match of material due to examining the environment in which the sign will be installed.

We can guarantee the following in serving you:

  • High-quality materials
  • Doing the process with high speed 
  • Optimal price