Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics are an effective way of out-of-home advertising. It is decals and vinyl stickers fully customised for a business’s vehicle or fleet. As the No.1 advertising agency, we are ready to design and execute your business’s vehicle graphics project.

Why Is Having an Eyecatching Vehicle Graphic Necessary In The Emirates?

Imagine you are stuck in heavy traffic in a city such as Dubai, and the car beside you is a company’s branded vehicle. Surely it would grab your attention and makes you aware of its existence. Vehicle Graphics is your way-out ticket for outstanding from your competitors and advertising for your product and services. It creates a 24/7 on-budget offline advertising tool for your business in the Emirates that can easily be applied and removed whenever you want. 

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Booth Your Business Growth

To increase the pace of your business growth, you will need to convey your value proposition by advertising. One of the best ways to deliver this is by branding your vehicle. To do this, you have to pay attention to your target audience and every component of your vehicle graphics that would make a professional image of your brand. For example, you must use a font that can be readable and captivating for everyone. It is better to stay modest and don’t exaggerate your message. As the No.1 agency, we look forward to guiding your business through the design and execution of your vehicle branding campaigns in Emirates and Mena.

One vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 – 80,000 impressions daily.

Simplicity Is the Key

Many businesses assume that the graphic design for these campaigns should be overdone and fill all the free space on their vehicle surface.

But the point is maintaining high quality in the design, print, and installation of your vehicle graphics makes your brand message clear and memorable.

To achieve your goals in these campaigns, you should be patient. It takes some time for your target audience to notice and remember you.

Improve your ROI

Vehicle branding campaigns have a high ROI rate for your business. You can profit significantly by spending a small amount on your vehicle’s graphics design and execution.

30% of mobile outdoor viewers base their buying decisions on ads they see.

Keeps Your Vehicle Safe

Vehicle graphics are mainly made of vinyl sheets. Therefore, installation of them does not harm your cars. As the No.1 agency, we use high-quality vinyl materials for manufacturing your vehicle graphics in Dubai that can be attached to your cars with magnets or glue.

Also, we have a professional and experienced team for installing and removing them.

Keep It Up To Date

As the No.1 agency, we can print waterproof vinyl sheets in the Emirates that can remain intact for ten years. But we recommend updating them every three to five years. Because trends will change, and after some time, your previous vehicle graphic designs will seem outdated.

Another reason for changing your vehicle’s graphic design is that it will get damaged and muddy over time, losing its radiance and vibrance.


  1. Choose your advertising message wisely.
  2. Brainstorm the ideas with your creative team.
  3. Agree on the final idea and start creating the design.
  4. Find a professional manufacturer for printing your designs.
  5. Install your final product onto your fleet.

As the No.1 agency, we take care of all these steps for you and your business.

  1. Heat the vinyl adhesive with a tool that blows hot air, such as a hair blow dryer or heat gun.
  2. Use a plastic spudger for scraping your vinyl (in this way, you will not scratch the surface beneath).
  3. Peel the vinyl slowly from the corners.

Our services in the No.1 include installing and removing the vehicle graphics of your business fleet.

  1. Mostly it depends on the type of your vehicle and your graphic requirements. But the cost of a simple design is different than a full wrap.

    Although the price may seem high, it gives you a perfect opportunity to showcase your brand.

We aim to minimize the duration of your vehicle graphic appliance. The standard time of this procedure is between half a day or less, but depending on how large your vehicle is, this may take more time to apply.

Our in-house graphic design team will work on your projects. We will be in touch with you through every stage of this process to ensure we deliver what you have envisioned. Before moving into the printing stage, your final approval is necessary.