Website Development

If you have started your business but have yet to build a website, it’s as if you don’t have a business.Your business website is a quick and effective way to present your product or service to your potential customers.We at No.1 are with you to establish your 24/7 online store.

Why No.1’s Website Development Services?


Multi-Lingual Website

Empower your business with the ultimate tools to connect with both local and global audiences.



Technical SEO

Our website designs are constantly optimized with the latest technical SEO principles to ensure maximum visibility and engagement.


Responsive Web Design

crafting websites optimized for any screen size or orientation. No matter what device you're using, our sites will perform flawlessly.



Custome Code

Our team specializes in creating custom websites from scratch that will impress.


RTL and LTR Website Development

Our website design is fully equipped to support both LTR and RTL languages.



Exclusive UX and UI Design

Elevate your online presence with a one-of-a-kind user experience and interface that we'll craft exclusively for you!

Why is it necessary to have a website for your business in Dubai?

The first step of every business to introduce itself to the market is to develop a website that includes crucial information about them. Websites are the best way to present your product and services to your target audience without being restricted by geographical and time-zone differences. To that end, developing a website is vital in countries like the Emirates, where international businesses are active. As the No.1 agency, we proudly offer our clients in Dubai web design services.

Websites are your business’s exclusive platform

Unlike other social media platforms, developing your website will liberate your business from those platforms limiting guidelines. So that you will be free to create and distribute as much content as you want in various forms.

Furthermore, you can persuade your website visitors to purchase from you directly. Hence an effective website improves the customers’ experience of your brand by giving them information about your products, services, your location, ways of purchasing, and more.

There are more than 4.5 billion internet users worldwide. Without a website, your business will remain hidden from these users.

Even local businesses need a website

46% of Google searches are related to local intents. So if you are a brand based in the UAE, it is a must to use web design services in Dubai to survive in the competing market.According to HubSpot research, 97% of users use web search engines to find a desirable local company for their daily requirements. Therefore for 28% of them, their search leads to purchasing a product or service.

Integrate reviews about the quality of your product and service

Your customers’ opinions about your brand can significantly impact your Brand Image. To achieve this goal, you can benefit from Customer Review Sites.
On the other hand, developing a website solely for your products or services, where consumers could post honest reviews about your business, is the perfect option for educating your target audience and potential customers about your brand.
Besides, you can showcase the best reviews from your customers in essential parts of your website. Therefore you will be able to maximize the positive impact on your audience.

Developing a website can help you understand your customers' opinions, contact us for more information

Create your independent online store

A business website allows you to digitally market and sell your products and services. Social media marketing is one way to connect with your audience and make sales. But it is always possible that these platforms will get closed or the audience will move to a new platform. In this case, your brand would require lots of effort to build your page on those new platforms from scratch.

Hence, if you want to be one step ahead of your competition, you should construct your business website.

Also, despite the structural limitations of social media, you can design your website creatively and willfully.

Do not worry about your website’s content

Some time ago, managing the content of websites was complicated, but nowadays, with professional website development, you can easily manage your website content. As the No.1 agency, we provide our customers in Dubai and the Emirates with content marketing and web development services.

By using the web design services of companies, you won’t need technical skills to manage your website.

Still trying to figure out launching your brand website despite all the benefits of a website?


The website design process in No.1 goes along the following steps:

  • Needs assessment: At first, we analyze your demands. Your goal, your competitors, the features you would need, your expectations from the graphic design of your website, and your taste are essential. We review all of the above to precisely perceive what you want.
  • Wireframe and sketch: A website page wireframe shows what interface elements would be on the home page and other pages. By creating a wireframe, we implement our ideas in the form of images on the software and propose the created user interface more efficiently to our customers verbally and visually. After the client approves the design, we move on to the next level.
  • Exclusive graphic design: Considering your website’s type, our professional graphics team will design a specific design for your website.

Run and test: After proceeding with the previous steps, it is time for the website development. Our technical team observes all the principles of speed, website responsiveness, proper UX, technical SEO, etc. Finally, your website will be ready and available after testing all website dimensions.

Our website development services include two categories: firstly, we offer to program your website exclusively from A to Z. We can utilize ready-made CMS such as WordPress, Shopify, etc. In both cases, the website delivery time would be fast. Most importantly, it customizes according to your demands.

In the following cases, designing an exclusive website is a better option:

  • Large organizations that need special features.
  • Companies and people whose websites are the basis of their work.
  • Companies and stores that have a large number of users per day.
  • Companies and people that have new and unique ideas.
  • Organizations and individuals who have enough budget and time to design exclusive websites.

In the following cases, site design with ready-made CMS is better:

  • Companies and people whose work is not based on a website.
  • Companies and people who do not have enough time and budget to design a dedicated website.
  • Companies and people who don’t need special features and ready CMS facilities are enough for them

Although the No.1 head office is in Dubai, we do our best to serve businesses worldwide.