Logo Design

With a clever logo, you create the perfect visual brand mark for your business. At No.1, we are ready to design your business’ logo according to your preferences.

Why is logo design important in Dubai?

Logos aim to represent an organisation or company through visual concepts that can be easily realised and acknowledged. It is a form of massage that delivers a cohesive narration about your company and business. With the high competition in markets like the Emirates, it is best for every brand in Dubai and Mena to design their unique logo.

What Is a Logo?

Logos stand for a significant amount of concepts and meanings. An effective logo expresses the core principles of a business and its activities. Therefore, logo design requires mastering the general concepts of the business and a deep understanding of the customer market and their personas.

As the No.1 advertising agency for our logo design services in Dubai, we consider these elements in designing your logos:

  • Simplicity
  • Ease to recognise and remember
  • Practicalness
  • Relevant over time
  • Adaptability for use in different platforms and various sizes
  • following the principles of proportion and symmetry
  • Matching with the target audience and their persona

What Are the Different Types of Logo Design?

Based on your needs, we can design your brand logo in three ways:


With This approach, we use creativity and imagination with your brand name letters without designing any symbols.

Logo Pictogram:

We can design an icon based on your brand personality without considering your brand name.

Combined logo:

With this approach, we design an exclusive logo combined with your brand name.

42% of consumers believe a logo effectively communicates a brand’s personality

We aim to design exciting and engaging logos for your business in Dubai.  Based on your brand’s competitive advantages, your exclusive logo will present your prospects and value proposition.

An effective logo grabs your target customer’s attention, and they will respond. By this, your business will stand out from your competitors.


At No.1, we can provide logo design services in all these three approaches 

  • Logotype;
  • Logo Pictogram;
  • Combined logo.

In No.1, our team of creative designers will design your logos according to this process:

  1. Gain an understanding of your tastes, preferences, and expectations;
  2. Explore the industry/ field of your business to understand trends and appropriate approaches;
  3. Understand your target audience and buyer persona;
  4. Compose and sketch primary ideas;
  5. Revision;
  6. Organize the final design.
  • Creative design;
  • Optimal price;
  • Complete analysis of your customers and your industry;
  • Analyze your competitors.
  • There is no direct answer to this question, but we present you with a proposal based on your preferences, needs, and the nature of your business.

  • Absolutely yes. At No.1, except for our clients in Dubai, we are ready to work with our potential clients remotely. We are always available through all communication channels, especially Whatsapp and Email. We will be in touch at every step of this process until we present you with a memorable and satisfying logo.

  • After finishing the final logo, we will provide you with as many variations as you want. Moreover, we will present you with a description of the concepts and ideas behind graphic design.

    • Preview of design:
      • All variations on different backgrounds;
    • CMYK Version:
      • Ideal for printing in 4 colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.
    • CMYK One Colours Version:
      • It is ideal for printing in only one color rather than the previous four-color standard version.
    • White / Black (Pure) Variants:
      • It is for the purpose of putting the logo on dark or very clear backgrounds and photos.
    • Colors RGB Version:
      • This format is for displaying on the web and screen.
    • Favicon:
      • This term is used for the icon that the browser will display on the internet. Usually, its size is 16*16 px. But it will be optimized for other sizes according to different variables.
  • The copyright will be yours. But we reserve the right to display your logo in our design portfolio.

  • Absolutely. During the logo design process, we will ask your opinions and wishes at each stage and take your wishes into account so that the output of the work is favorable for you.

  • Throughout our cooperation, the graphic design team seeks to design a logo most similar to your wishes. ٰTherefore, there is no obstacle to changing the initial draft.